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Virgin Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair is one of the most exotic hair type in the market. Peruvian hair has many purpose, it is lightweight but still carries lots of volume. Peruvian Hair has soft and silky texture, availalbe in natural black and natural brown shades.

Friendly Notice:
The price is one bundle,about 4Oz(100g).
For a full head, 12-16 inch hair needs 2-3 packs, 18-24 inch needs 3-4
packs, and above 24 inch needs a minimum of 4 packs.

12 inch Peruvian Hair                                 14 inch Peruvian Hair                               16 inch Peruvian Hair

18 inch Peruvian Hair                                 20 inch Peruvian Hair                               22 inch Peruvian Hair

24 inch Peruvian Hair                                 26 inch Peruvian Hair                               28 inch Peruvian Hair

30 inch Peruvian Hair                                 32 inch Peruvian Hair                               34 inch Peruvian Hair

36 inch Peruvian Hair                                 38 inch Peruvian Hair                               40 inch Peruvian Hair

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